On Trend: Stylish Ear Piercings for 2021

On Trend: Stylish Ear Piercings for 2021

By Admin Tini Lux
If you’re looking for a subtle change to switch up your style or spice up your look, our team has got you covered. As life is slowly starting to get back to normal (finally), people are eager to head over to their local piercer or tattoo artist and make the most out of all the missed trends of 2020. 
Today, we’re featuring some of the hottest piercing and earrings trends for Summer 2021. From mismatched earring sets to unique stacks and constellation piercings, below are some of the most stylish piecing trends and looks that you should consider if you’re in search for a style change. 

Constellation Piercing 

One of the popular  trends of 2020, we look forward to seeing a continuing surge of constellation piercings on our instagram feeds throughout 2021. If you’re new to constellation piercings, they are a group of multiple piercings that form a creative pattern on your ear and are called “constellations” because they tend to mimic constellations you might see in the sky. 
Constellation piercings are a great trend if you’re looking to get creative and come up with a unique design that’s custom to you. 
Byrdie suggests using titanium earrings if you’re considering a constellation piercing, since titanium is hypoallergenic and much less likely to cause reaction. Our 45 MM Starter Studs are made out of non -allergenic titanium and would be the perfect stud to include in your brand new constellation piercing. 
constellation piercing

(Source: Body Electric Tattoo)

Lobe Placement 

Lobe placement is a huge trend that we foresee to grow throughout the year. Refinery29 reports that cartilage piercings are taking a back as seat due to the fact that they can be an area of irritation when taking your mask on and off. To avoid this, lobe and inner placement ear piercings are rising to popularity. 

Having multiple lobe piercing placements allow for you to mix and match your look with hoops or studs. If you’re thinking about lobe placement piercings be sure to check out our Everyday Essentials Collection which has some of our most popular starter studs and huggie hoops! 

lobe placement

(Source: Refinery29)

Huggie Hoops 

When it comes to styling earrings, huggie hoops are at the top of our list. If you’re searching for the perfect everyday hoops, huggie hoops are versatile, stylish and can easily be worn on a daily basis. The infinity hoop can be worn in any lobe piercing and are great for creating stacks or wearing with studs. Nylon suggests wearing huggie hoops with a charm in the second or third hole to elevate the look even further. Our Oval Huggie Hoops are a unique moden twist on the traditional hoop earrings. 

oval huggie tini lux

Earring Stacks

Stacking earrings has been a popular trend that we’ve seen throughout the years, that we will continue to see throughout 2021. There are a number of ways that you can switch up your look by stacking earrings. Being able to mix and match different types of earrings allows for so much customization and uniqueness. Mix our Chain Hoops with studs and huggie hoops to create the ultimate earring stack. 

instagram earring stack tini lux

(Source: Fashion Crave)


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