On Trend: The White Tee

On Trend: The White Tee

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There are few items as versatile and timeless as a plain white shirt. From James Dean to Rihanna, we've seen the basic white tee dressed up, down, and sideways. Today we're going to highlight the different types of white shirts commonly worn in the spring and summer time and show you some of our favorite ways to style them.
Alexa, play "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's

Under a Dress

Source: Harper's Bazaar
Maybe you want to add some edge to your sundress, maybe you just want to avoid sunburn on your shoulders, either way, the white t-shirt under a dress created a layered look that adds depth to a simple outfit. Try accessorizing with small hoops or chunky gold hoops, and add a simple necklace to top it off.
25MM Round Hoops
12MM Thick Huggie Hoops
Herringbone Necklace

White Shirt With Jeans

It's impossible to go wrong with this outfit. A well-accessorized white shirt with denim looks clean and cool and is an everyday essential. Here are some of our favorite pairings.
Source: Zapatilla
Source:  Harper's Bazaar
Source: Pinterest
Whether it's a simple white button down or a white tank top, the simplicity of this outfit means that you can get funky with accessorizing. Try necklace stacking or mixing metals in your necklaces and earrings.
MMXVII Necklace
Chain Necklace
Source: Pinterest
Had to throw in this iconic Freddie Mercury look: a white tank top and lightwash jeans with black and silver accessories and sneakers. He rocked it!

White Shirt with a Blazer

I love this look because it gives professional clothing a more hip and modern feel. Plus, white goes well with any suit sets you might already own. Pair with hypoallergenic hoops or everyday earrings and a simple necklace.
Chain Hoops
6MM Crystal Studs
Beaded Necklace

White Shirt and Skirt

Source: Pinterest

Source: BedazeLive

It's remarkable how chic this simple ensemble looks. This is a great option for springtime because it can be tailored for warmer or cooler weather. Pair with cool hypoallergenic stud earrings or geometric hoops.
Lightning Bolt Studs
Oval Huggie Hoops

White Shirt and Funky Bottoms

Source:  Harper's Bazaar
Source: Pinterest
A plain, neutral shirt means absolute freedom in whatever bottoms you choose. These are just two examples of eccentric bottoms to compliment the simplicity of the white shirt. Pair with charm earrings to tie it all together.
Sunburst Charms
Pearl Hoop Charms
 The plain white shirt is decidedly one of our summer essentials. Light-colored clothing shines in warm weather months, and we love the white tee for its ability to mesh with multiple spring and summer trends. Remember, when accessorizing a white shirt, you have some freedom to express yourself due to the simplicity of the piece. Have fun, and remember, happy ears only!


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