end of summer jewelry styles

Our Favorite End of Summer Jewelry Styles

By Britanny Murray

While Fall may be quickly approaching, it can’t help but feel like Summer when you’re wearing Tini Lux.

Whatever the weather may be, 90 degrees or a crisp low 60s, these styles will help you capture glimpses of the Summer spirit that all of us would like to savor as we move into the breezy fall season.


Jasmine Bracelet 

With a trendy paper clip link design, the Jasmine Bracelet has quickly become a Summer staple. We love how the non-allergenic arm candy can seamlessly transition into our fall ensembles, while still reminding us of the way the waterproof bracelet glistened under turquoise blues. 

girl wearing hypoallergenic titanium gold link bracelet  girl wearing titanium waterproof gold link bracelet


Away Anklet 

The summer accessory that added a polished look to our shorter hemlines, will provide the same chic style during the winter months. When the temperature starts to dip, cozy sweats and sneakers make the perfect combination for wearing the everyday anklet over socks, giving us a subtle reminder of warmer days. 

girl sitting by the pool wearing hypoallergenic gold anklet  nike coast dunks and nike socks with gold hypoallergenic anklet

Sunburst Hoops 

As the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, the Sunburst Hoops will help fend off that lingering seasonal depression. Playful hoops made with pure titanium, wear the sun shaped hoops to quickly elevate your mood and embrace nostalgic feelings of that first Summer beach day. 

sun shaped titanium silver hoop earrings waterproof gold hoop earrings

Sylvie Necklace 

Sylvie served as the perfect waterproof necklace to accessorize and stack with during the scorching heat waves, which kept us feeling stylish on those days where it felt like 100 degrees. With its lightweight and radiant design, the titanium bar chain is a perfect transitional piece of jewelry to wear as the weather cools.

gold inlay hypoallergenic bar necklace  silver necklace stack, how to layer

Alana Hoops 

Summer might be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving Turqs anytime soon. Darker neutrals are the essence of every Fall season, but the Alana Hoops will provide a colorful Summer reminiscence despite the looming 4pm sunsets. 

turquoise beaded hoop earrings turquoise and gold ear stack


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