Should I Wear Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Should I Wear Hypoallergenic Earrings?

By Jill Burke
Have you ever bought a pair of earrings and thought, "Hang on, what kind of metal is this?" Chances are that unless you've already experienced an allergic reaction to earrings, you probably haven't thought twice about what metal your earrings are made out of.  However, if you start to notice pain, itching, redness, or other irritation around your earrings, you might want to get curious about what materials you are putting in your body.
When you have sensitive ears or experience an allergic reaction to metal, you will notice your ears hurting, itching, or becoming sore when wearing earrings that contain irritating metals. We will break down why this occurs and how hypoallergenic earrings can save you from those unpleasant symptoms. 
A metal allergy is what's called a contact allergy: it develops as your body is in contact with an offending substance. Most metals are not compatible with the human body, especially alloys (this includes gold alloys!). When you wear earrings made with reactive metals, over time your body starts to develop an allergy to that metal and starts reacting to that material.
The unique qualities of a contact allergy mean that you may have been able to wear whatever earrings you wanted for months or years before you developed pain or irritation from them. The contact allergy also means you will experience relief when you take your earrings out since your body is no longer in contact with the reactive metal.
The solution to avoiding all this unpleasantness is to choose earrings with hypoallergenic metals such as titanium or niobium. Unlike other metals, titanium and niobium are non-allergenic and non-reactive with the human body. They are actually considered biocompatible, meaning they can coexist peacefully with the human body.
Titanium earrings (and niobium earrings) are unique from earrings made from other metals. These biocompatible metals will not cause a contact allergy, thus saving you from the pain and irritation associated with reactive metals.
So, why should you wear hypoallergenic earrings? Hypoallergenic earrings will not cause a reaction, even if you have sensitive ears. The last thing you need to worry about is earrings that cause you pain and suffering!
Even if you haven't noticed a sensitivity to your earrings yet, if you are wearing earrings made with reactive metals, an allergy could be developing. The best way to avoid contact metal allergies from earrings is to wear hypoallergenic earrings of titanium or niobium!


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