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Stars Align Collection Sneak Peek

By Britanny Murray

Check your horoscopes, check your transits because the stars have aligned specifically for you. Our new Zodiac Collection is launching on January 18th, featuring celestial titanium hoops and hypoallergenic zodiac sign stud earrings that are sure to get you through the trenches of Mercury Retrograde. This celestial collection also features a specially designed Lunar New Year stud to bring about all the good luck as we enter the confident year of the Tiger. 

Perfectly crafted astrological sign jewelry gifted from the Universe itself, you don’t want to miss your chance to shop this transcendent collection. Feel heavenly, ethereal, and divine as you adorn your ears with your unique zodiac sign. As with all Tini Lux jewelry, each piece from the Stars Align collection is made with pure medical grade titanium allowing for those with the most sensitive ears to be submerged in the world of astrological sign jewelry. 

The perfect gift for all astrology lovers, match your zodiac sign with your corresponding hypoallergenic birthstone stud to complete a star studded hypoallergenic ear stack. Get the titanium zodiac studs for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs so you have the option to switch it up depending on what traits you’re embodying that day. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek and see what the stars have in store for you. 

Hypoallergenic Zodiac Sign Studs 

Featuring new nickel free studs for all 12 zodiac signs, your horscope said you were in need of some new hypoallergenic jewels. Made with pure titanium and available in gold and silver plating, these zodiac sign studs are a subtle way to rep your star sign and perfect earrings for everyday wear. Pair your zodiac stud with our hypoallergenic crawler earrings and corresponding nickel free birthstone studs for an interstellar constellation look. 



Crescent Moon and Star Earrings 

A zodiac collection wouldn’t be complete without a set of crescent moon earrings and simple celestial star studs. Channel your inner universe and complete your heavenly stack with these dainty and sublime hypoallergenic earrings. 


Celestial Titanium Hoop Earrings 

The Stars Align collection features three new sets of exquisite and airy hypoallergenic hoops. The Catena Hoops are a beautifully crafted chain link hoop earring with angelic intertwined detailing. Our titanium Alfresco Hoops are a thick and lightweight textured hoop that resemble the look of a dreamy half moon when worn. The Wander Hoops are a studded endless huggie hoop that would divinely compliment any ear stack when placed in the cartilage or upper lobe piercings. 




Chinese New Year Earrings 

Embrace your inner Tiger with our Lunar New Year studs. The chinese zodiac studs are similar to our best selling Offshore Huggies with a red gemstone for good luck and confidence to embrace the Chinese New Year. For people born under the year of the Tiger, wearing this fiery red hypoallergenic stud will help to enhance your good luck and channel your hidden Tiger energy. 


Make sure you’re signed up for all email and SMS notifications so you’ll be the first one to know when this ethereal collection launches on January 18th. Along with this collection we will be restocking some of your favorite hypoallergenic styles, you don’t want to miss your chance to shop this starry collection! 


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