Summer Book Recs and Being Authentically Megan

Summer Book Recs and Being Authentically Megan

By Britanny Murray

We got the opportunity to sit down with Megan Prokott, a Marketer for a higher education online homework platform who also runs a killer book blog known as @the_spines on Instagram.

Running a blog and Instagram account with 50k followers is a full time job in itself, so we asked Megan where she gains inspiration for content.

My social media accounts and blog are a patchwork of my many passions! I absolutely love to read and would take a year long sabbatical to read books in interesting places, if I could.” The inspiration Megan finds in books, translates over to her career in Marketing and even her daily life. Living in the Windy City also provides daily inspiration for Megan. 

“I find so much inspiration in the pages of every book I pick up that I apply to my career in Marketing, my vision for photos and the themes of my blog posts, and even my everyday life in Chicago. I also find a lot of inspiration from my surroundings in Chicago. There is creativity everywhere you look and it's an incredible city to call home!”

Living a Lux Life means living your best life and that looks different for everyone. For Megan, a Lux Life means investing in yourself.

How many times have we all bought three pairs of cheap shoes and spent more than it would have cost to just invest in one good pair? As I get older, I really try to keep that in mind and invest in a Lux Life for myself by making good decisions.”

Finding your own style can sometimes be difficult and tbh a little overwhelming. It comes with a lot of trial and error,  figuring out what makes you happy, comfortable but most importantly what makes you feel good about yourself. We asked Megan how she would describe her style and where her style inspo comes from.

“Authentically Megan, and always with a good pair of shoes. I am 100% that girl who shows up in a hat or a crazy patterned piece that I found in a thrift store. A huge chunk of my wardrobe is sourced second hand because I love to hunt for cool pieces that feel just right. And I am absolutely devoted to my shoe collection and strive to wear weird, cool shoes whenever possible.” 

Everyone has one staple jewelry piece that they can’t live without, whether that be a simple pair of studs, gold chunky hoops, the jewelry staple possibilites are truly endless. For Megan her jewelry staple is a simple everyday necklace.

“Every year or so, I pick out a new necklace that I will not take off for another year to come. I feel incomplete without a necklace!”

Tini Lux offers the perfect everyday hypoallergenic necklaces. If you’re on the search for a staple everyday necklace, our herringbone Lilou Necklace is the ideal piece that will add the perfect touch of elevation to your wardrobe. 

Megan runs such an amazing book blog, there was no way we could let her get away without giving us some of her favorite summer book recommendations. 

To read in one day at the beach? The Unhoneymooners // Christina Lauren. 

To get swept away in a powerful story: The Great Believers // Rebecca Makkai or City of Girls // Elizabeth Gilbert. 

For a summer thriller? She Lies in Wait // Gytha Lodge.” 

If you’re in the market for a good summer read, head over to Megans blog and check out 10 Books to Fit Every Summer Vibe


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