how to wear flat back cartilage stud earrings

Tips and Tricks to Wearing Flat Back Earrings

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When looking for earrings that you can truly wear everyday and never have to take out, flat back studs are the best option. Instead of traditional earring backs, non-allergenic flat backs provide all day comfort and wear due to the earring back laying smooth against your ear. 

Wearing flatbacks will eliminate the hassle of your hair getting caught or the pain of a towel snagging on the back of your ear. The comfortable earrings are especially ideal for those with any upper cartilage or inner ear piercings. 

Although it’s personally one of my favorite piercing placements, everyone with a tragus piercing can relate to the daily struggle of having to intricately adjust your headphones to ensure they are safe and snug in your ear (iykyk).  

Our internally threaded flat backs are crafted with ASTM F–136 implant grade titanium, providing endless comfort for even the most sensitive ears.  

If you’ve decided to enter your flat back era, it can be difficult to initially figure out how to put them in. On all of our flat back product pages we’ve created a convenient and helpful video demonstrating how to properly put in the everyday studs. You can check that out here and feel free to treat yourself while you’re at it. For even more convenience, keep scrolling to read the helpful tips below. 

Our virtual ear stacker is a one of a kind visual tool that allows you to envision how the titanium flat backs will look on your ear. 

how to wear flat back cartilage earrings virtual ear stacker how to wear flat back stud earrings

Flat Back Tip #1 

Wear a regular stud in the hole for a few hours to keep the hole more open. 

Flat Back Tip #2 

Only attempt to put the new flat back earring in after a hot shower when your skin is more pliable.

hypoallergenic flat back stud earrings for cartilage piercings  silver titanium flat back stud earrings

Flat Back Tip #3 

Put Vaseline or similar product around the piercing and on the flat back so that it will go into the ear easier. 

Flat Back Tip #4 

Use the regular earring post that is in your ear as a guide to get the flat back into the piercing (see video). It may take some gentle force to push the earring into the piercing, but using a regular stud as a guide will help significantly. 

single flat back stud earrings for cartilage piercings  crystal flat back stud earrings


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Jennifer Leon 12/5/2022

The fallback earrings are amazing but the post at 9mm is way too long. It would be amazing if you even sold the 6mm,7mm,8mm post separate.

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