gold herringbone necklace with gold mini dome stud earrings with butterfly screw backs. titanium stud earring stack to wear everyday

Titanium Stud Earring Stacks to Wear Everyday

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Simple studs are perfect earrings for everyday wear, and depending on how many piercings you have you can easily create a creative and noteworthy ear stack using only hypoallergenic stud earrings.
If you aren’t a fan of the hoop earring trend, wearing simple studs can still give you the same chic and trendsetting look. Using our virtual ear stacker tool we’ve created different sets of stylish and minimal titanium stud earring stacks. Keep scrolling to gain some inpso or head over to our ear stacker tool where you can create and customize your own unique studs stack.

Star Studded

This starry-filled ear stack features our hypoallergenic Castor Stud in the first lobe piercing. The Pave Castor is placed in the second lobe piercing, giving us a radiant and twinkling celestial stack. In the tragus piercing, the titanium mini dome stud provides simplicity. Completed with our edgy Offshore Huggie in the mid cartilage piercing, the perfect crossover between a stud and a hoop.

outline of ear with different ear piercings and hypoallergenic earrings.  simple and dainty gold star stud earrings. star stud earrings on a white background

gold star shaped earrings with pave crystal detailing. the gold star earrings are laying on a white background gold bezel set gemstone earrings with a gold hanging chain. earrings are hanging on a white background.


Symmetrical Studs Stack

This balanced stack focuses on our titanium ear cuff placed in the second lobe piercing. The Suri Stud effortlessly creates a beautiful dynamic on the ear when placed between two earrings. In the first lobe piercing our best-selling Celeste Studs give some brilliance to the simple titanium gold stack. The Mini Layla Studs sit in the third lobe and mid cartilage piercings. The hypoallergenic dome studs complete the simple and symmetrical ear stack.
outline of a detached earlobe. multiple piercings in the ear with hypoallergenic gold earrings  singular hypoallergenic gold ear cuff with titanium earring post with a slight curve on a white background
gold bezel set large stud earrings with butterfly earring backs gold circular stud earrings. mini dome stud earrings on white brick background

What’s Your Sign?

Calling all astrology lovers, this stack was made for you! This star of this astrological ear stack is your personal hypoallergenic zodiac sign stud. Pair the celestial stack with our Offshore Huggie, the titanium crossover earring provides a twinkling glisten to the ear. Finish the cosmic look off with our Charlotte Stud. The Little Lux screw-back pearl earring is perfect for tragus or cartilage piercings.
outline of ear with ear piercings, two lobe piercings and one tragus piercing with gold hypoallergenic jewelry  small aquarius zodiac sign stud earrings, two little gold water waves for the zodiac sign of aquarius
gold bezel set stud earrings with titanium hanging gold chain on a white background tiny hypoallergenic pearl earring with a titanium screw back on a white concrete background


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