2023 viral tik tok jewelry trends

TikTok Jewelry Trends That Will Be Going Viral in 2023

By Britanny Murray

With over 2.9 million views for the search term “ 2022 jewelry trends”, Tik Tok was the number one source for finding out what styles of jewelry were the it girl must-haves for the year. In 2022, some of the most noteworthy viral jewelry trends that emerged were the paperclip necklace, small chunky hoops, and how gold jewelry can elevate your look. 

Getting ready to fully embrace 2023, we're anticipating a continuation of last year's viral trends, but with a higher level of style and sophistication. 

Bolder, bigger hoops 

Traditionally, hoops have always been an everyday essential, but in 2022, we saw a huge resurgence of small chunky gold hoops. A staple earring for most celebrities and influencers, the chunky hoop trend was quick to break the internet and had everyone asking where they could get the look. In 2023 we can expect this trend to continue but with a bolder, bigger look and style. 

braided titanium gold hoop earrings  large flat thin lightweight gold hoop earrings


We’re taking a different approach to pearls in 2023. Yes, the classic pearl studs will forever be a must-have piece to have in your collection, but in 2023 you’ll see pearls reinvented. Think pendant pearl necklaces or chokers, beaded pearl bracelets, and more. Pearls will quickly become a stacking essential because the style complements both silver and gold jewelry, making them versatile and effortless for every day. 

hypoallergenic gold chain earrings with pearl charm titanium pearl stud earrings made with medical grade materials

Chain jewelry 

We’re entering our punk details era because chain jewelry will steal the show in 2023. Think chain-style earrings, connector chains, body chains, etc. As we enter the age of chain jewelry, we can expect to see that our favorite styles will be taken up a notch with the addition of an edgy chain design. 

jewelry trends for 2023 chain hoop earrings  titanium earring connector chains

Pops of Emerald 

Emerald will be making its return as another key player in 2023. The velvet green color gives a sophisticated and elevated pop of color without being too much, making emerald jewelry ideal for everyday wear and special occasions. In 2023 you’ll see emeralds more heavily incorporated into your everyday bracelets, birthstone jewelry, and more. 

emerald green tennis bracelet 2023 jewelry trends  may emerald green birthstone stud earrings jewelry trends 2023

Silver Stans 

Gold jewelry has held the number one spot for years now, but silver jewelry is making a strong and long-awaited comeback. This year we can definitely expect to see people making the transition toward silver-toned jewelry. If you don’t think you can devote yourself fully to becoming a silver stan, we can expect to see the mixing metals trend gaining more popularity.

silver small hoop earrings made with titanium tik tok jewelry trends 2023 2023 tik tok jewelry trends silver diamond hypoallergenic hoop earrings


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