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Welcome to Tini Lux

By Jacqueline Burke

Welcome to Tini Lux! I'm writing this post as an introduction to myself and my company.  I am Jackie Burke, the founder of Tini Lux. I am a Mechanical Systems Engineer by profession, but I started this company because I went for years without wearing earrings due to the fact that all the earrings that I tried to wear, even those marketed as "hypoallergenic earrings" still caused serious allergic reactions, including swelling, pain, and bleeding.  I finally found that I could wear medical grade titanium earrings and pure niobium earrings with absolutely no reaction but that it was really challenging to find earrings made with those materials, especially ones that fit my style. So, I decided to design my own. I hope that other people who have experienced a metal allergy or an allergic reaction to earrings will enjoy my earrings! These truly are the safest earrings for sensitive ears. 

Check back regularly! I will continue to post more information about the product and the research that went into creating it.


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