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What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

By Britanny Murray

Today we’re giving you a little insight into everything birthstones and what your personal birthstone says about you. If you’re unfamiliar with birthstones, a birthstone is a specific crystal or gemstone that is associated with the month you were born in.

Every birthstone is different and has unique meaning and traits to the specific month. Similar to zodiac signs, it’s likely that you’ll share similar personality traits with those born in the same month as you. It’s commonly said that wearing your birthstone is a sign of good luck and fortune. 

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Keep scrolling to learn more about the meaning of each birthstone and what personality traits correspond to your specific birthstone.  


January - Garnet 

A beautiful deep red, those born in January are represented by the stone Garnet. Not only does Garnet represent January babies, the dark red gemstone also serves as symbolism for 2nd marriage anniversaries. For those born in January, some of the key traits you possess are consistency, faith, love, confidence and willpower. Garnet symbolizes protection, purity, victory, enduring friendships and happiness, amongst many other qualities. Wearing garnet will increase your self esteem, energy levels and determination. 



February - Amethyst 

The gem Amethyst represents those born during the shortest month of the year. The serene violet colored stone represents royalty, peace and temperance. Those born in February are creative, daydreamers, intuitive, and have a calm and mellow personality. Wearing Amethyst is said to strengthen relationships, protect against bad health, and provide courage to the wearer. 



March - Aquamarine 

A light colored, transparent and calming blue, Aquamarine represents those born during March. When wearing Aquamarine, the stone is said to heighten awareness, improve communication skills and encourage quick responses. The idyllic gem symbolizes honesty, beauty and faithfulness. People born with Aquamarine as their birthstone are peaceful, calm, playful and affectionate. 


April - Diamond 

“Shine bright like a diamond” should be the tagline for people born in April. A symbol of eternity and known as  the forever stone, the Diamond symbolizes sensuality, allure and romance. Those born in April are determined, strong willed, and hold themselves to a high standard. Wear Diamonds as a lucky symbol to enhance your personal power, increase self esteem and attract success. 



May - Emerald 

Rich, vibrant and bold, May babies are represented by the delicate and opulent birthstone Emerald. The virescent green stone symbolizes renewal, rebirth, youth and favorable luck. People born under this birthstone are loyal, energetic and possess a deep understanding of life and love. Wearing Emerald helps to ensure a healthy well being, transmit a frequency of love and bring energy of renewal. 



June - Opal

A beautiful light and milky white with a rainbow iridescence, Opal represents those born during the month of the Summer Solstice. Opal is said to ease nerves and deter from anxious thoughts while also serving as a symbol of modesty. Those born in June are imaginative, intuitive and have a balanced sense of self. They are adaptive, funny and talkative making these June babies great in social situations. 



July - Ruby 

Majestic, vivid and powerful, people born in July are represented by the wine colored Ruby stone. Wearing Ruby can heighten courage and strength and is also said to bring about good luck and lifelong friendships. People born with Ruby birthstones are vibrant, confident and determined. These people are adventurous, spontaneous and fun loving with an upbeat personality. 



August - Peridot 

The month of August is reflected by the summery stone Peridot. The beautiful lime green glow of the stone is alluring yet playful. Peridot symbolizes prosperity, fortune, happiness and courage. Those born in August under the Peridot stone are warm, captivating and have an unmatched radiance about them. They positively influence those around them with their brilliance and strong sense of self worth. 



September - Sapphire 

A sultry, velvet, midnight blue, people born in September have the rich and elegant Sapphire as their birthstone. If you’re born in September you’re the definition of cool, calm and collected. Being born with a Sapphire birthstone means that you are loyal, hardworking, and people feel at ease being surrounded by your presence. Wearing Sapphire can increase focus, help maintain self discipline, and encourage enlightenment. 



October - Pink Tourmaline 

October is represented by two beautiful birthstones, Pink Tourmaline and Opal. Pink Tourmaline symbolizes compassion, love, humanity and intuition. Those born under the Pink Tourmaline and Opal birthstones are creative, hopeful and inspiring. They love talking to people, and have a magnetic and friendly personality which helps them attract friends easily. 


November - Topaz 

Rustic and timeless, Topaz is a beautiful aged shade of yellow perfect for those born in November. The gemstone Topaz symbolizes energy, creativity and mental strength. People born in November are forward thinkers, with unique and brilliant thoughts. Their personality is dynamic and charming, and they easily know how to motivate themselves and others. 


December - Turquoise 

A beautiful and heavenly sky blue, Turquoise is the birthstone for the most wonderful time of the year. Turquoise serves as a symbol of good luck, abundance and peace. Those born in December are vibrant, outgoing and confident. They are strong willed, wise, charming, and highly protective over their loved ones.


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