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What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Summer Wedding?

By Britanny Murray

Summer wedding season is here! If you’re on the search for the perfect, lightweight, non-allergenic summer wedding jewelry we’ve got you covered. Our Bridal Collection features trendy and classic pieces that can be worn for every occasion, including that classic Pinterest inspired beach wedding. 

Summer weddings can be HOT, so making sure that your jewelry is sweatproof, waterproof and won’t weigh you down is a major key (insert DJ Khaled meme). Keep scrolling for the best options for Summer wedding jewelry that won’t break the bank but will definitely turn up the heat. 

Meghan Drop Earrings 

The Meghan Drop Earrings are an essential earring to have in your jewelry collection, regardless of a summertime wedding or not. The hypoallergenic statement earrings have a unique two in one feature, so you can choose to just wear the classic hypoallergenic pearl stud or add the trend setting titanium chain which features a larger sized pearl for an even bolder statement. 

hypoallergenic pearl drop statement earrings  girl wearing hypoallergenic pearl drop wedding earrings

Zoe Drop Earrings 

A minimal crystal lover's dream come true, the Zoe Drop Earrings are perfect for any Summer wedding venue. The hypoallergenic crystal drop earrings are sleek, elegant and lightweight, not to mention an ideal statement earrings for any event when you want to add a little lowkey glam. 

girl wearing hypoallergenic crystal drop earrings for wedding  gold titanium crystal drop earrings

Ally Hoops 

The pop of color you didn’t know you needed. The Ally Hoops are a beautiful baby blue shade made with non-allergenic acrylic materials. Ultra lightweight, the Ally Hoops are the perfect earrings for a sunset beach wedding. 

blue acrylic hypoallergenic earrings something blue for bride  girl wearing blue hoop earrings summer jewelry for wedding guests

Large Getaway Hoops 

Simple gold hoops with intricate braided detailing, probably the most lightweight hoop earrings that you’ll ever own. Simple enough to wear everyday but elevated enough to be the perfect accessory for any important occasion. 

girl wearing gold braided hoop earrings  lightweight braided titanium gold hoop earrings

Samira Studs

Minimal and classic pear shaped crystal stud earrings that make a sleek and rich statement. I know it sounds impossible, but imagine the sun perfectly hitting the Samira Studs giving them more glisten than they already have. A must have staple for any Summer season wedding. 

hypoallergenic pear shaped stud earrings girl wearing diamond pear shaped bridal earrings


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