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Why Do Earrings Make My Ears Sore?

By Jacqueline Burke

Have you ever noticed when you take your earrings off after a few hours (or minutes) your piercings feel sore and raw?  When you first get your ears pierced you expect some pain, but not when you've had your ears pierced for years.  

In some cases, your ear lobes may go beyond being sore, they may even swell, itch, or bleed. 

If earrings make your ears sore, even when you've had your ears pierced for years, the most likely reason is that you are allergic to the materials in the earrings you are wearing.



What are metal allergies? 

Most earrings are made with metal, either pure or in an alloyed state (a mix of more than one metal). Pure metal earrings are rare. Fashion earrings are almost always made with a metal alloy like stainless steel. Fine earrings, particularly gold earrings, are almost always an alloy as well because pure gold is too soft for jewelry. Alloys can be particularly bothersome for the human body, because they can contain trace amounts of many different highly reactive metals.

Most metals, especially alloys, are not compatible with the human body. This means that when the human body is in contact with metal, it starts to build up a resistance to it. Eventually, this resistance to the metal results in the body producing a reaction. This reaction can range from itching to soreness to swelling to bleeding.

When you wear earrings, the metal is literally inserted into the body, and remains there for hours or days or even years at a time. The skin around ear piercings is more sensitive than other areas of the body because it is an internal wound. Often the piercing is re-traumatized when earrings are taken in and out of the ear.

So, if you experiencing sore ears from wearing earrings, and the pain goes away when you do not wear earrings, the reason is most likely that your body has developed a contact allergy to the metal in the earrings.


Does this mean you can never wear earrings again?
Absolutely not!


You just need to be more conscious of the type of metal earrings you are wearing and look for earrings that are safe for sensitive ears. That's where Tini Lux earrings come in.




All of our earrings are made with pure titanium studs or posts.  


Titanium is different than other metals because it does not react with the human body. That is why titanium is the metal of choice for medical implants. In fact, our titanium studs are actually manufactured by a medical implant manufacturer.


Titanium earrings are safe to be worn 24/7 and will not cause sore ears or bad reactions because the human body is compatible with titanium (unlike almost all other metals). If you are looking for the best earrings for sore ears make sure that the earrings are made with pure titanium or niobium




If you have very sensitive ears or if earrings make your ears sore, we always recommend starting with a pair of studs. We recommend this because studs can be worn 24/7 without the need to take them in and out. This is particularly beneficial because it allows your piercings to heal from their active allergic reaction without causing additional trauma from taking earrings in and out.

Other earrings styles need to be removed at night so they don't snag or pull and that can cause additional irritation while your piercings are in a sensitive state.


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If you have any questions about the information in this blog post or our products please reach out to us at info@tinilux.com


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Lizzy 8/31/2020

well thanks for the information ..
I’ve had my ear pierced since when I was born and have been using studs all this while .but recently I started feeling pain in one of my earring holes and I didn’t know why .whether I wear earring or don’t, it still hurts and its funny it’s happens only to one of my earring holes

Mia 8/26/2020

So my cartilage is pierced on both ears in two spots, with three regular lob piercings, my lobs do fine with sterling silver but my cartilage I can’t even wear plastic studs in without awful pain like they always feel freshly pierced if I’m wearing earrings (time hasn’t proven to help I don’t last more than a week wearing them cuz of the pain) Do you happen to know why this could happen?

Silvi 8/24/2020

This makes a lot of sense I developed a nickel allergy a while back out of nowhere! I can only wear sterling silver or gold or titanium. Even my braces caused a minor allergic reaction in my throat! Very informative read

Alana 8/24/2020

My ear have been pierced for yrs and i cannot wear earrings for long period for this exact reason.
Thank You for this information.

Dulinda 7/21/2020

Wow, so helpful and is working so far. Thank you for sharing with us!!

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