Sterling silver, a shiny and generally affordable metal, may seem like a good solution if you have sensitive ears that react to earrings. However, you may find that even sterling silver earrings cause irritation, pain, or discomfort. There are three things to assess when figuring out why your earrings are giving you grief.

1. Sterling Silver is an alloy

Silver is a beautiful metal, but by itself it is delicate and prone to tarnishing. That is why Sterling Silver is mixed with other metals to make it stronger and more suitable for jewelry. The trouble is alloyed metals is that they commonly contain nickel, a noteworthy irritant. Nickel allergies are widespread, affecting an estimated twenty percent of the population. When nickel is in contact with your skin an allergy can develop over time. When your body eventually recognizes nickel as an offending substance, your ears will react to earrings containing nickel.

2. Your earrings are too heavy

If you are comfortable wearing studs or other lightweight earrings, wearing a heavier pair may tug on your earlobe and cause pain or discomfort. Keep this in mind when looking for big hoops or statement earrings, because there are lighter options out there!

3. The Earring Post is Plated

If your earring posts or the part of your earrings that touch your ears is plated with silver or gold, you can bet that the plating will eventually wear off until there is nothing remaining but a cheap underlying metal that will irritate your ears. The only true solution here is to choose earrings that are made with hypoallergenic metals such as titanium or niobium which can exist in harmony with your body and will not cause an allergic reaction.
If you have found that your Sterling Silver earrings are irritating your ears, consider these three underlying reasons. And if you are ready to say goodbye to earring irritation, choose hypoallergenic titanium earrings for your sensitive ears.
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Best earrings for sensitive ears! I haven’t been able to wear any earrings since my kids that didn’t upset my ears. I haven’t had to take these out since I’ve received them. Just when I thought I had to be done wearing earrings because of the pain you came along. Thank you for making me feel pretty!

Jessica B.

I'm in love! I haven't been able to wear earrings for a very long time, the last time I wore cheap earrings they practically ruined my piercings because they were so irritated. I love these earrings because I can wear them comfortably and safely, but they look AMAZING.

Lydia S

I had given up on earrings when I decided to try this material and I am so happy I did. They look cute, but most important, no allergies!


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