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Why Should You Wear Titanium Earrings?

By Jacqueline Burke
You probably do not put that much thought into what metal your earrings are made out of...until your earrings become a problem.
Most of the time, when you choose earrings to wear, you only care about what they look like. 
However, if you have noticed that your ears have become sensitive to earrings, you should be thinking about what you are putting in your body.
If you have noticed that you have sensitive ears, or if earrings make your ears hurt, itch, or become sore, and can't figure out why, we have the answer.  You are experiencing an allergic reaction to metal. 
Metal allergies are contact allergies: they develop over time when your body is in contact with an offending substance. Most metals, especially alloys, are extremely reactive and are not compatible with the human body.  This means that when you wear earrings made with reactive metals for an extended time period your body develops an allergy to that metal and starts reacting to that material.
This is why you can wear earrings for months or years without a reaction, and then all the sudden (after the contact allergy has developed) you start getting painful reactions to your earrings.  These reactions go away when your body is no longer in contact with the reactive material (aka, when you take your earrings out).
This is where titanium comes in. Unlike other metals, titanium is non-allergenic and non-reactive with the human body. It is actually considered biocompatible, meaning it can coexist peacefully with the human body.
Because of titanium's unique, non-reactive properties, it is the metal of choice for medical implants.  This also means, titanium is the perfect choice of material for earrings.
Titanium earrings, unlike earrings made from almost any other metal, will not cause a contact allergy. Because titanium earrings are non-reactive, your body does not build up an allergy to them. They are actually compatible with your body.
So, why should you wear titanium earrings? Titanium earrings will not cause a reaction, even if you have sensitive ears.  Titanium earrings are better than hypoallergenic earrings, and better than nickel free, because they are actually biocompatible (compatible with the human body). 
Even if you haven't noticed a sensitivity to your earrings yet, if you are wearing earrings made with reactive metals, an allergy could be developing. The best way to avoid contact metal allergies from earrings is to wear titanium!


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