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Nonallergenic Starter Stud Earrings. 4mm mini dome stud earrings.

Why We Made This:

These mini dome studs were added to the starter stud collection to add some dimension to your earscape in the second or third hole. These can be used as starter studs, sleeper studs, and healing studs.

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    BASE METAL: The base metal for the entire earring and earring back is pure titanium.  

    COATING: A titanium nitride PVD coating is applied to the earrings to give it an 18k gold color. The coating is only applied to portions of the earrings that do not touch the ear. Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating.

    CARE: These earrings can be worn in the water and will not tarnish or turn green.  

    No Compromises Here

    • skin safe

      doesn't react with human body

    • water resistant

      Doesn't tarnish, change color, or turn green

    • lightweight

      no pulling, stetching, or sagging earlobes

    • affordable

      pure and safe at a fraction of the price of 24k gold or platinum

    Tested for Purity

    We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our purity standards

    lab results

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Abby B
    Solved my earring troubles!

    Like many others leaving reviews, I was having problems with my ear piercings- my second lobe piercings were consistently getting infected and angry and it was just generally frustrating to deal with. I bought these studs as a last ditch effort before I was going to let the piercings close. Within 48 hours there was a huge difference. No more infection, irritation, or bleeding. They are very comfortable to wear 24 hrs a day and I will definitely purchase more earrings.

    Caitlin Murray
    really happy with these

    I'm wearing earrings in my second hole for the first time in years. Definitely planning on purchasing other styles.


    After finding tini lux I decided to give earrings one more try. I’m SO HAPPY I did! I used to get sores and irritation every time I tried to wear earrings in the past but with these, I completely forget I’m even wearing them.

    Jennifer D.

    I got these studs for Christmas and they were just a bit smaller than I was thinking. So one day I decided to try them in my second holes. I got them pierced as a teenager 20+ years ago, but I’ve never been able to wear earrings in them for more than a couple days. Until now!

    It took about two weeks for them to adjust (mostly because the right one was partly healed over), and I’ve been wearing them ever since with no irritation or discomfort.

    Shelby Clark
    A miracle

    I haven’t wore earrings in YEARS because of how sensitive my ears are. I pretty much just gave up entirely... until now!! Haven’t taken them off since I opened the box and have had no issues at all. I can’t wait to order more.

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