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Did You Say Necklaces?

By Jacqueline Burke
That's right - we're doing necklaces now! 
Our skin friendly jewelry collection is expanding.
Necklaces have been one of our most requested jewelry items over the last couple years. They are a common source of irritation for people with sensitive skin.
As you all know, our mission here at Tini Lux is to make fashion jewelry that is both skin friendly and cute. Our necklace collection checks both of those boxes.
We are introducing five different styles of necklaces that fall into two categories: hypoallergenic metal necklaces and nonallergenic, non-metal necklaces. Keep reading for more information on both types of necklaces and what they mean for you.

1. Hypoallergenic Metal Necklaces

These necklaces are made with nickel free and lead free stainless steel as the base metal and have a thick physical vapor deposit (PVD) coating of titanium nitride.  Titanium nitride PVD coating is much more durable and resistant to wear than gold.  PVD coatings are also 10 times thicker than gold coatings, so they provide much more protection from the base metal to the skin.  Titanium nitride (also known as tinite) is an alloy of titanium and nitrogen. Tinite is a nonallergenic, skin friendly material.
These hypoallergenic necklaces will be safe enough for most customers to wear. Although it is unlikely that you skin will come in contact with the base metal, if you have known allergies to metals in stainless steel then you may want to consider our second style of necklace. 

2. Metal Free Necklaces

These necklaces are made with enamel beads, there is no metal at all in the necklaces.  This version of necklace is perfect for anyone who has severe metal allergies.  Since there is no metal used to make these earrings, no one has to worry about a metal allergy.  The beaded style is on trend right now and looks great with any of our earrings.


Ready to Shop?

Our new necklaces will be available soon! The tentative launch date is Nov 2, 2020.  Sign up for our email list to be the first to know when they are available to order.


In the meantime, shop our entire collection of earrings and bracelets!


If you have any questions, reach out to us at info@tinilux.com


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