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Warm Weather Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

By Jacqueline Burke
After my cold-weather vacation to Lake Placid, New York, I am in dire need of a trip somewhere warm. Winter in the north-east has felt like it has dragged on forever. Later this month I am planning a beach trip and heading south instead of north.
As usual, the most important part of any trip planning is my packing list.  Luckily, since I am headed somewhere warm, it is much easier to fit all my items in a carry on. My best accessory for a beach trip is always a good spray tan and a fresh mani/pedi. Beyond that, it helps to pack items that have a cohesive style and color scheme so they can be mixed and matched and worn during the day and at night.
Here is my perfect 15-piece warm weather capsule wardrobe:
Romper/Body Suit/Jean Jacket
Blouse/Jean Shorts/Tailored Shorts
Bikini/One Piece/Jumpsuit
Flat sandals/Heeled sandals/Panama Hat


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