Tini Lux Guide to Hoop Earrings

Tini Lux Guide to Hoop Earrings

By Jill Burke

Hoops earrings have captured the hearts of fashionistas all over the world for thousands of years. To this day, variations on the classic hoop provide endless styling opportunities and maintain an on-trend feel despite being almost as ancient as fashion itself. At Tini Lux we pay due respect to this iconic accessory by creating our gorgeous hypoallergenic earrings in a variety of hoop styles.

The Tini Lux Guide to Hoop Earrings

With twenty-one unique styles of hoop earrings to choose from, choosing which ones are right for you can be a bit confusing! Let's break down what is special about each of our hoop styles.

Huggie Hoops

Tiny hoop earrings that loop closely around or "hug" your earlobes are what we call huggies. We carry gold huggie hoop earrings as well as silver huggie hoop earrings and have several variations on this everyday style. The Brunch Hoops are wide huggies for a more substantial small hoop. The Charming Hoops are thinner, more classic huggies that can be personalized for extra sparkle or individuality. The Trendsetter Hoops are endless hoop earrings that add an element of geometry for slightly more avant-garde earrings. Huggies are a great option if you are seeking professional earrings for the workplace.

Chunky Hoop Earrings

Perhaps the trendiest hoops of the current moment, chunky hoops are a category of their own. Thick gold hoops like the Rooftops are a favorite for celebrities and influencers alike. These infinity hoop earrings make for a versatile statement earring, which is why we carry multiple variations. The City Hoops are a squared-off version of gold endless hoop earrings and also come in silver.


Minimalist Hoops

Thin hoop earrings like the Happy Hour Hoops are elegant and stylish. They're so simple and chic that they could be worn to the office or out to dinner. Because minimalist hoops like the Cape Hoops are very light, they also make for highly comfortable earrings and are great earrings for sensitive ears.

Eclectic Hoop Earrings

Our Friday Hoops and Cocoa Hoops take the timeless silhouette of a hoop earring and add something unexpected. The template is so tried and true that a bit of geometry and texture make for hoops that are especially fun and uniquely you while still being stylish.

* * *

Hoop earrings are empowering, they are truly the choice of queens. And the best quality earrings --hoop, huggie, or hexagon-- are made with hypoallergenic materials here at Tini Lux. 


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