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Collections / Nano earrings / Single Mira Stud Flat Back Stud Earring

single mira stud flat back stud earring

single mira stud flat back stud earring

single mira stud flat back stud earring

single mira stud flat back stud earring

Stone Color: Diamond
Metal Color:Gold


A single flat back stud with triple pear-shaped cz crystals. Designed with an internally threaded flat back and crafted with ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium for ultimate 24/7 comfort.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Claire Metzner
Arrived broken

I was really excited about these, but unfortunately it arrived broken in the package - the screw was stuck in the earring back with no way to attach to the stud. I was expecting a higher quality earring and was disappointed!

Cecilia A.

Got my second holes pierced about 3 months ago and I was eager to change out the jewelry, but knew that it might be still healing and wanted something that would be completely non-irritating. Like my piercer's jewelry, I also definitely wanted something that was labret back and I could leave in indefinitely. The Mira stud is PERFECT. I've had it in for 3 days and its completely non-irritating and super duper cute. I'm obsessed! I've been sleeping with it and it is slightly thick/chunky so I can vaguely "feel it" when I sleep on that side but mostly just when I first lay down. Also I appreciated that the gauge was a little thicker since my piercer pierced me with 18 gauges to prevent the holes from closing up quickly even once it's healed. The length is perfect since I was downsized to a 6 mm a few weeks ago. Thanks, tinilux!


Gorgeous!! But VERY hard to put in. The gauge is a little bigger than a standard piercing, so I almost had to re-pierce the hole or stretch it. But once it was in, it was beautiful ❤️

Love the design

I love this design. I would love it in a front-to back regular stud. Now that my piercings are healed, I really don't like to deal with the back-to-front earrings any more. I have a tool that helps get them in, but the posts are thicker, and I am just not wild about them.

Complete Game Changer!!!

These are great on my really sensitive ears! I was able to pierce my closed piercing and put this in, and I have not had any issues since.

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single mira stud flat back stud earring