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Collections / Tiny hoop earrings / Single Ocean Ave Huggie Hoop Earring

single ocean ave huggie hoop earring

single ocean ave huggie hoop earring



Small infinity hoop with pave crystals crafted from biocompatible titanium. This hoop is safe for sensitive ears, water resistant, and non-tarnishing. Sized to wear in a cartilage piercing or a high ear lobe piercing.

Sold Individually.


See how these will look on your ear:

ear stacker

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Tested for Purity

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

Love these! Bought 2 to have a pair. They are super cute, nice and small, and very shiny/sparkly! They feel comfortable in all 3 of my piercings in each earlobe, and have not caused any irritation or problems. Would recommend this pretty little huggie to anyone, especially if you have sensitive ears like me!

Ocean Ave Huggies

Ok I wrote a previous review of this earring when I was frustrated and annoyed, and I feel like I wasn’t fair, but I don’t see a way to delete my previous review below. So I disagree with some reviews about it not being as cute or shiny/sparkly in person. It’s a very cute huggie! It is shiny and sparkly and what I expected it to look like in person vs the picture online! I bought 2 as a set, and one did come damaged bc the clasp will not close, BUT I know Tini Lux will exchange it for an undamaged one I’m sure! I just haven’t taken the time to investigate the return portal link. So today I’m going to get this squared away and get the exchange in order. Sometimes I can just be inpatient and just want everything all at once! Bad trait of mine! They are super cute Huggies and I can’t wait to wear them! I will attach a picture of the undamaged one below. I have very sensitive ear lobe piercings especially my 3rd hole (maybe bc it’s higher in the lobe? Idk), soooo I have to be careful with earrings I put in them. Can’t wait to have a pair that I can put in and leave in and even shower, and sleep in! I originally bought the Coastal Pave hoops for that hole, but the curve of the hook that goes in the hole wasn’t good for my 3rd hole and irritated them resulting in infected 3rd holes (but that’s just ME and my weird 3rd hole issues!). YOU should get those earrings as well! I’m wearing them in my 2nd hole now bc they couldn’t be worn in the 3rd and I didn’t want to go through the return process. I’m so glad I kept them! Unfortunately, I can’t sleep in studs bc they poke behind my ears and I’m a side sleeper. I’ll write a separate review on the other 2 earrings I bought from Tini Lux. Also got the small rooftop hoop, again 2 for a set and they are perfect too! Separate review. All this to to say Tini Lux earrings are great and my first and 2nd hole earring piercings are happy and I’ve been showering and sleeping in them! Sorry such a long review, but I do feel bad for writing the first review when I was freshly frustrated and annoyed bc Tini Lux really deserves 5 stars! Getting a damaged product when you buy online is going to happen here and there to every store/brand from small businesses to huge businesses, and has certainly happened to all of us from time to time! So let’s give grace (speaking to myself haha)! 5 ⭐️ **Picture of earring stack in my right ear where 3rd hole is not as infected as my left ear. 1) small rooftop, 2) Pave Coastal, 3) the undamaged Ocean Ave huggie

One of my Ocean Ave Huggies came broken!

I got two of the Ocean Ave Huggies (basically a set) bc the small pave coastal hoops irritated my 3rd hole lobe piercings. I’m frustrated bc I just went ahead and bought the Ocean Ave Huggies (2), and decided to just keep the pave Coastal hoops and wear them in a different hole to avoid the hassle of returning, but now one of the Huggies’ clasp won’t close. It came that way just opened and not clasped and I didn’t think much about it, but then when trying to put in my 3rd hole realized the clasp wouldn’t even close; it was broken. Still waiting to hear back from customer service about the issue. Frustrated bc I just wanted some small earrings to wear in my 3 holes in each ear that could get wet, not tarnish, be slept in for sensitive ears, but all I have are infected 3rd holes, and an earring that won’t close😩


I didn’t think these were as cute in person. It was very dull and did not appear as pictured.

Martha Hinkle
Accidental buy

The one I received is very pretty, but the earings(when I get the second one) are going to be a gift for my grand daughter in law.

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single ocean ave huggie hoop earring