The Ultimate Guide to Sensitive Ears

Do earrings irritate your ears? We're here to answer all of your burning questions. We've assembled all of the most common questions, myths, and misconceptions, questions we've heard over the years.

Common Questions


Just the Highlights:

  • Sensitive ears are caused by metal allergies
  • Nickel is a common metal allergy, but there are other metals like gold, copper, chromium, and cobalt that cause allergies as well
  • If you have sensitive ears, seek out earrings made with pure, non-reactive metals like titanium, niobium, and platinum
  • Ignore labels like "hypoallergenic earrings" or "nickel free earrings" and just look at the metals that are in the earrings (just like you would look at the ingredient list for a food allergy)
  • Price doesn't determine quality. Titanium & niobium are affordable metals that are even better than gold or silver for sensitive ears!
  • At Tini Lux, we make all of our earrings & earring backs with pure titanium
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